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The skin is the position that is shown at the surface, cutaneous stand or fall is being affected beautiful, we had been close friends at ordinary times maintain the skin, can eat the food with a few pairs of good skins, with a few maintain cutaneous protects skin to taste, but some dermatosis are transmissibility, follow to will have nothing to do the day after tomorrow, transmissibility dermatosis brings loss to the patient’s body and mind, transmissibility dermatosis also should cooperate a doctor actively to be treated to disease, can be transmissibility dermatosis treated? Next we look.

 Transmissibility dermatosis can be treated

One. Transmissibility dermatosis

The sort of transmissibility dermatosis is very much, about 330 kinds, among them 250 kinds of main show are cutaneous unusual, 80 kinds of companion have the other system disease with unusual skin.

2. According to the genetic pattern of dermatosis, Cent is: 1, dermatosis of euchromosome dominance transmissibility (AD) : If common scale is ill, wool bursa keratosis, development of leaf of the embryo outside sex having sweat is undesirable, skin of sex of pure sex big blister is lax disease, pigment is incontinent the disease such as disease.

2, common chromosome is recessive transmissibility dermatosis (AR) : Be like albinism, skin of sex of hidebound sex big blister is lax the disease such as disease.

3, dermatosis of sexual couplet transmissibility (X interlinks dominance hereditary disease — XD, x interlinks recessive hereditary disease — XR) : If do not have sweat sex congenital outside embryo leaf development is undesirable (XD) .

4, polygene is genetic (MF) : Psoriasis, much wool disease, spot is bald, common acne.

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 Transmissibility dermatosis can be treated

3. Semiotic body is asked for

Transmissibility dermatosis by close generation its itself unusual or the gene after mutation passes next generation, when making next generation are born thereby or appear later the skin with this gene peculiar place is damaged. The congenital dermatosis amount to that is not transmissibility is very few, basically be fetal get in process of the development inside the mother’s body nutrition, virus or microbial infection, or the disturb and causes skin of element of chemical, physics and its are accessary implement disease.

The common characteristic of ① transmissibility dermatosis is the same as transmissibility disease;

After ② can be born, have namely, also can appear in children or adolescence;

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③ its symptom is not this transmissibility dermatosis certainly place is peculiar, chafe for example the person that the big blister that cause and pine of skin of sex of congenital big blister understand disease is similar;

④ is same kind of symptom weight that the disease behaves in different person is different, for example fishShanghai Long Feng forum

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Scale disease is light person only limb has slight change, trunk of the person that weigh, limb all but drag in, and horn is changed dry and outstanding, still can accompany horn of bursa of lose one’s temper to change, palm Zhi horn is changed etc;

⑤ is same kind disease can have different genetic kind, for example disease of common sex scale is euchromosome dominance heredity, and of this disease another model it is sexual couplet recessive heredity.

 Transmissibility dermatosis can be treated

4. Common transmissibility skin disease

Foregone transmissibility dermatosis amounts to 100 kinds of above, wait like disease of fleck, scale, albinism.

5. With medical treatment

Majority does not have effective treatment, ineradicable. Individual disease can pass medicaments or cure of drink food therapyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Get ameliorative, for example oedema of transmissibility blood-vessel sex is by the C1 ester of euchromosome dominance heredity enzymatic depressor lacks be caused by, can give blood-vessel slow element and androgen appearance medicaments amount to that Zun cure, disease of benzene acetone acerbity make water restricts ammonia of third of the benzene in food to be absorbed acerbitily can not come on; Limb of alvine ill sex carries dermatitis to be able to try to control through giving zinc preparation; A little congenital enzymatic blemish or third are planted globulin lack, the concerned substance that can lack through complement has treatment. But these are treated and cannot purify pathogeny. When a little congenital deformation or unusual influence function or hairdressing, can take operation therapy according to particular case.

6. Precaution nurses

This disease cannot pass medicaments or other measure effects a radical cure, reason precaution is more important. To already having this disease person, should avoid a contact to harmful element prevents or reduce its symptom to happen. For example patient of disease of chromatic sex dry skin should avoid insolationShanghai night net

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, loose solution disease should avoid skin of big blister sex attrition and oppressive, in order to reduce semiotic happening. Additional, happen through seeking advice to diagnose what can reduce this disease with antenatal hereditarily.

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