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There are a few patients to be able to appear in our life the phenomenon of esotropia, this kind of phenomenon is called to be cross-eye again, the strabismus outside also a few patients are met, when strabismus is seeing a person outside always1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Meet a person cause particular worry, bosseyed degree is too so serious1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Moment, need to become correctional operation, the effect that restores art of case officer forehand according to what do not colleague is distinct also, can after strabismus became correctional operation, you still have a relapse so?

 Does the meeting after strabismus is correctional have a relapse

(One) esotropia: General common weighs cross-eye. Eye inward and deflective. Clinical on can divide for congenital as bosseyed as posteriority. In be born to inside the person that happen says for congenital esotropia. Deflective angle normally very big. Inside posteriority inclinedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Inspect divide again to adjust gender and blame adjust quality, adjust inside the gender inclinedForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Inspect often happen in 2-3 or so years old, normally meeting companion has camber long sight, or it is unusual adjustment cohesive force and adjust rate; blame adjusts sexual esotropia is mixed adjust force and Qu Guang condition have nothing to do.

(2) outside bosseyed: Namely eye to deflective, can divide commonly for intermittence and durative outside bosseyed. The strabismus outside intermittence has better be in harmony to resemble ability because of the patient, major time key point can maintain the position with be in normal like ability by be in harmony, fall in sunshine on occasion only or tired not careful when, the inclined eye outside just be being shown. Some children to avoid outside skew-eyed a diplopia that cause, an eye is closed in big sun regular meeting. Bosseyed regular meeting develops outside intermittence durative outside bosseyed, and deformation becomes the bosseyed affection outside appearing on occasion to look eventually last outside bosseyed.

 Does the meeting after strabismus is correctional have a relapse

(3) go up, next strabismus: Namely eye up or be down deflective, general scarcer, fluctuation strabismus often has the state with askew head.

Bosseyed remedial method, differ because of bosseyed category and different, can divide commonly for operation therapeutics and blame operation therapeutics.

(One) the intensity that operation therapeutics is flesh of the eye outside be being adjusted with the method of the operation and bit more adherent position, make eye it is normal to tend. Congenital esotropia and fluctuation strabismus need an operation to treat mostly, blame adjust quality and the method that the strabismus with big rake also needs to borrowing an operation normally comes correctional.

(2) blame operation therapeutics: Be not all strabismus to need operation treatment, if be to adjust sexual esotropia, it is OK to should wear proper far-sighted glasses or double smooth looking glass only correctional. If have in Gao Quguang is unusual, often also need to deserve to wear glasses to come correctional, the method that can lend an axis correctional training additionally will help sheet twice inspect can restore with increase be in harmony to resemble ability. For example with inspecting an axis correctional training opportunity trains, perhaps deserve to wear prism lens to wait.

 Does the meeting after strabismus is correctional have a relapse

If have amblyopia, criterion the training of amblyopia also is indispensable cure clinical on besides complete by presbyopic adjustment the adjustment that excessive, influx causes too by force inside the gender inclined, outside wearing lens to be able to make strabismus all and correctional, other and of all kinds strabismus needs a surgery basically correctional. The shirt-sleeve function that certain level achieves after strabotomy will be helpful for maintaining eyeball, eyeball can make partial patient returns to normal or of certain level establish stereo, especially intermittence or come on recently the patient is expected to obtain good double eye sheet to look a function. Why is reason planted no matter bosseyed, when disabling with conservative method and training therapeutics, if the operation can make eye flesh returns to normal,coordinate consistent function, bosseyed not only in former when turn into, and eachForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Agree to the synchronism when motion, sheet of can double eye is inspected, have establish stereo, the person that the operation does not have undesirable complication, but operation.

Concealed the patient with inclined or bosseyed intermittence, often narrate eye exhaustion, serious effect works, once guard cure (if wear negative lens or prism to wait) fail, also can consider operation treatment. Correct look potential energy reduces the operation quite excessive gather, eliminate excessive adjustment, make inspect exhaustion1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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