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This kind of disease just was beginning vaginal polyp when happening, the patient is to won’t find apparent semiotic listShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Now, but along withShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Move the evidence that the patient can feel to a few haemorrhage can happen all the time among his vagina after the illness is aggravating, nevertheless the symptom is very serious, after developing as the illness, the patient still can appear vaginal Sao itchs and the circumstance of leucorrhoea secretion grow in quantity, once send,be born withForum of Shanghai night net

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Need takes corresponding therapy immediately.

Vaginal polyp symptom

Common symptom

Polypous vagina mucous membrane expands the vagina lasts a few bleed

Vaginal wall polyp does not have a symptom mostly, a few bloodshed or can the vagina contacts sexual haemorrhage, it is more very the discovery in seeking an inspection is followed after the operation, be located in vaginal top sutural on, often show grain of rice big, red swollen content, touch can cause a few bloodshed.


Hematic convention is checked, secretion examination. Organize pathology examination.

Diagnose differentiate


According to uterine operation medical history, clinical expression, examination of department of gynaecology and constituent pathology examination are diagnosed more easily.

Vaginal polyp symptom

Differentiate diagnose

Polyp of 1. vagina wall and vaginal cancer are differentiated.

2. vagina skin hangs down.

Prolapse of tubal prolapse oviduct can be the complication after art of classics vagina hysterectomy after 3. operation, but do not see more after art of classics abdomen hysterectomy, the oviduct that touchs prolapse can cause acuteness ache, radiative to patient waist, won’t happen at this o’clock in granulation organization, ill check conduces to diagnose further.

Operation cure

Undertake to polyp inside lens (vaginal endoscope) below1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Polypous excision, it is to avoid the step with its very significant canceration. The method that polyp treats below lens has: High frequency report coagulates report is cut, treatment of bright of high frequency report, laser, microwave cure, inject is excised, refrigerant therapeutics. Polyp is bigger, the base of a fruit is thick1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Or have high blood pressure, the patient operation of heart disease or blood disease wants discreet. Excised polyp sends pathology the examination, eliminate canceration.


The prognosis that is not canceration is good. 3 months after art check, later criterion half an year checks to 1 year.


1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Food should notice to be taken more delicate abound nutrient food, note prandial balance. Avoid stimulates food tartly. Eat fresh vegetable and fruit more.

Vaginal polyp symptom

Dietary health care

Appropriate eats

1, should take soya bean and its product more. If bean curd, soya-bean milk, beans works, the celery of greengrocery, cauliflower, young soya bean, sweet the food such as the beans. Because of these food but estrogen of complemental plant sex, the element of different yellow ketone with plant sex embedded estrogen, lignin is thought to have the effect that combats oxidation by the scientist.

2, of compensatory vitamin C absorb. Vitamin C can restrain the harm that virus place causes, this are very important. Latter scientist already discovered vitamin C has ten kinds of effect that enhance immunity. Containing the vegetable with vitamin much C is: The green such as cauliflower, Bai Luobo, potato, a variety of Chinese cabbage, cole is vegetable.

3, compensatory microelement zinc and Selenium. Zinc and Selenium are having very main effect to the generation of immune cell and functional play. Science considers to make clear, too small conference causes the level of the zinc inside body and Selenium immune system function is low. Containing the animal sex food with microelement zinc and much Selenium is: Kidney of ostracean, fish, lean lean, pluck, egg, ox, pig kidney, shrimp, egg kind in contain zinc highest. The food with zinc and much Selenium containing in plant sex raw material is: Edible fungus, laver, sesame seed, earthnut, wheat noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, firm fruit.

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