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Insomnia is a kind of very common symptom among the life, the cause that causes insomnia also is more, if often appear in the evening insomnia, must cause vigilance at that time, long-term insomnia is bigger to the harm of the body, must use a few better idea to improve insomnia at that time, pay attention to dietary health care for example, moderate campaign takes exercise, optimistic optimistic state of mind is waited a moment, we will understand the content of this respect simply.

 Sleep in the evening how does old insomnia do

One, proper diet

Human body is mixed before Morpheus dinner is to cannot eat too full too little perhaps, if eat too full, when Morpheus, organ of intestines and stomach cannot get rest, can continue to be in high speed movement to digest the food in intestines and stomach, the quality that causes Morpheus drops and the happening of insomnious symptom. And take too little word, human body can feel hunger, the cerebra that can stimulate human body at this moment is neurological, cause neurological excitement, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Bring about cannot fall asleep, cause insomnious happening.

2, motion promotes Morpheus

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drink appetite is compared relatively again much, so the meeting inside body accumulates a lot of energy to was not used up, fall in this kind of condition so, can have proper campaign in Morpheus, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Waste the redundant energy inside body. After motion wastes the energy inside body, human body can feel fatigued, drowsiness can rise, also can very good enter Morpheus, solve insomnious symptom.

 Sleep in the evening how does old insomnia do

3, hear music

If often insomnious word, still can choose to listen to music to help the Morpheus quality of auxiliary promotion oneself before sleep, because music can be helped,alleviate reduce the exalted position with neurological human body, having the effect that loosens gentle of body and mind to see oneself pressure.

 Sleep in the evening how does old insomnia do

4, milk is drunk before sleeping

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For energy of human body complement, drink milk for a long time to still can prevent the happening of the disease such as the osteoporosis. And milk has these effect not just, still have the effect of Morpheus of stimulative human body, because a kind of special material is contained in milk, OK and very good adjustment the cerebra of human body is neurological, the help promotes the Morpheus of oneself night quality.

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