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Some closer year come, more and more people begin to take the healthy problem of the body seriously, in the train that also begins to join fitness, after fitness is over, because much exercise takes exercise, can use up human body inside adipose, also can produce sharp hungry move from this, many people want to take food directly, but fear the meeting is new again cause fat problem, fitness also does not have what effect, so is fitness over eat a thing to you can bring about get fat?

Fitness is over have a thing meeting get fat

Healthy diet won’t become fat after motion.

After motion reduces weight, we are OKFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Have a thing appropriately. This is the quantity of heat that uses up as a result of us, not be one-time work out is become, after our body is having violent campaign, can be in next inside very long period of time gradually hectic quantity. If this time paragraph, our body is in a kind low for can condition, the body chooses the athletic way of a kind of lower specific power consumption with respect to what can can’t help.

Such, what do before usForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Motion, combustion caloric effect is so good without ideal. If be in this moment, we can complement appropriately a few high grade food, for instance a few high grade protein, with respect to OK and effective help we raise motion to use up. Have a thing so not only can offer full abdomen sense to us, still can make our energy burns more adequately.

Fitness is over have a thing meeting get fat

Athletic hind recommends eating food

1, Hei Qiaoke force

Black chocolate is had accelerate adipose flaming effect, this kind of means reducing weight had gotten confirming on a lot of person. A lot of people are below the prerequisite that did not add carry momentum, absorb a few black chocolate appropriately everyday, can rise very goodShanghai Long Feng forum

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Thin body effect, more what is more,the rather that we cooperated much exercise.

After motion, if can eat a few sterling black chocolate, can help us effectively eliminate the harmful freedom inside body base, reduce athletic loss, return the action that can help us rise to fight oxidation, OK and effective help our combustion is adipose. When choosing chocolate, must choose sterling black chocolate, do not choose by cocoaLove newly1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Machine the chocolate candy that makes, do not have effect reducing weight otherwise.

Fitness is over have a thing meeting get fat

2, pea

In athletic time, we most should additional material is protein, because of the help with OK and effective protein we strengthen muscle, exciting muscle grows, still offerred enough full abdomen sense to us. In our common food, pea is the food of a the most healthy kind of OK and compensatory protein.

Because be contained a lot ofamong themLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Have very rich plant sex egg white, can help the muscle that our rehabilitate gets hurt effectively. And, the quantity of heat that contains in pea is not high, take appropriately, not only won’t make we become fat, still can help us light fat quickly. Everybody is in edible pea when, had better choose the way that water boils, should reject decoct blast or be to explode fry.

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