” 5R of goddess different Wen Lu ” announce a large number of new detail

” 5R of goddess different Wen Lu ” official website updated a large number of new content today, include literal information, the concept inserts picture and game picture. Above all ” 5R of goddess different Wen Lu ” demarcate edition will be rolled out in Japanese area, price 14, 904 yen (contain tax) , specific gift had be notted announce temporarily. Standard edition price 9504 yen. Additionally we saw brand-new part fragrant Ze Xia (Yoshizawa Kasumi) , but regrettablly this is not vermicelli made from bean starch people guessed optional heroine, jus爱上海同城

t blame the fresh blood of steel group. Turn in hero the spring of of the same age of school, show of enter a school of fragrant Ze Xia uses up an institute. She is professional gymnast, begin to accept training from junior high school, go up in project of track and field also achievement is outstanding. The school has to her very tall expect. In addition we return those who saw the 2nd role to plug picture and information. Bolus is fond of the student counsellor that he is lyceum develop person (Maruki Takuto) , after April some teacher has an accident, was allocated beautiful use up an institute. He can give life the proposal very much, the person morale in the student 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

is very high also. His corresponding tower collect card is ” advisor上海夜网论坛

y – Le Consultant ” ” 5R of goddess different Wen Lu ” the 3rd term was added on original foundation, the popular tourist attraction that still increased Tokyo additionally ” lucky temple ” area, the player can play dart little game here. This making undertake linkage with Dartslive of dart sport plane, will find a place for in game Dartslive in addition the player still can head for new date site, aquaria and thematic park. Increased new appointment object Caroline and Justine, still can play be patted oneself during appointment. ” 5R of goddess different Wen Lu ” will increase more powerful strange animal, increase ” velvet between ” incident system, still can join mysterious treasure case in palace. Auxiliary command ” Status Assist ” will hint the player has corresponding activity in different period of time, this function and ” goddess different Wen L上海千花网论坛

u 4 阿爱上海同城

gold edition ” about the same. In addition, ” 5R of goddess differen上海千花网论坛

t Wen Lu ” the picture will be offerred to be updated character on PS4 and PS4 Pro lead plane, PS4 Pro will be offerred optimal inspect effect. Finally, composer looks Zuo was department this new version to produce a lot of new music item, OP, ED and battle theme song will continue to be sung by Lyn Inaizumi. ” 5R of goddess different Wen Lu ” will be in Japan on October 31 area head hair, land PS4 solely.

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