Luo Baixun exposes to the sun to ever indulged with Ding Junhui heroic alliance brings about achievement low fan

Login register Luo Baixun of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian to expose to the sun to ever indulged with Ding Junhui does heroic alliance bring about achievement low confuse origin: ?  ?2017-04-21 15:2Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Si Nuo overcame contest of world bright and beautiful to continue to launch have a contest 2017, neal – Luo Baixun 10-4 Mu of Sang Kan of hand of ball of Wan Shengtai country, machine of the Melbourne when interviewing is being accepted to expose to the sun oneself after contest once was a youth of network strong interest, affecting an individual because爱上海同城对对碰

of indulge network game to live is condition even, what must carry is, luo Baixun still divulges Ding Junhui ever also was his men of the same line, play game because of indulge and bring about achievement low fan.

Fan all knows, ding Junhui wins 5 ranks to surpass champion in 2013-14 sports season, but the champion barren that was immersed in two years many subsequently, luo Baixun is in speak of when playing game to become addiction special also mentioned Ding Junhui, divulge two p上海千花网

eople ever fought side-by-side on game athletics domain.

Ding Junhui once was opposite the hero is allied this game addiction, we often talk about game together, playing game from beginning to end, spend time everyday almost go up in game, look in me, indulge game is Ding Junhui 3 years two before for a time achievement is low one of confused reasons.

Interesting is, luo Baixun to emphasize oneself ever was the youth of network strong interest because of one hundred percent, still disclosed a fun, give battle China to run a match once, because network cause has,game did not play in 45 days of time, enrage me bad at that time, I am affected in battle group success.

Luo Baixun divulges he is the most zealous two game, it is heroic a爱上海同城对对碰

lliance and demon animal world respectively, and like FIFA14 of game of a football again in 2013-14 sports season, I beat adversary to take champion in game hammer and tongs, after sending the school the child every morning, begin to play game, want to play a game in brain at that time, drank a cup of coffee to come to an end next, but time flash arrived afternoon at 2 o’clock, go undertaking Sinuoke trains some evening at this moment, because I should go,receive the child. If did not play game, I dare not say that sports season is met success is more remarkable, the position that can affect me is not to dispute a fact.

Say priceless of return to the fold, luo Baixun has begun to think over, give up of affirmatory meeting drops network game, I do not want to let the child get negative effect, make a bad model, because this becomes a son to leave after the school, I can take him to go to a park playing football. Want to know in the past I often play an all night, wh爱上海同城论坛

en hearing bird to cry at 6 o’clock till in the morning, I just know to should send the child to go to the school. Of course you do not have if family, the job is not very busy, the question is not big, but if you are a Si Nuo,overcome a player, indulge the body that game can damage you, think in the profession Sinuoke wins the match to become not easy.

Replace your life when game, sit before computer 6-7 hour, this harms be be obvious to all to the body. A judgment ever spoke, the person that employs game addiction breaking up one’s family. Look in me, playing heroic alliance is most expend time, a lot of people approve of my viewpoint. Luo Baixun hopes his experience can be vigilant indulge the Si Nuo of network game overcomes a player, do not affect position to play game, hopeful still childr新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

en also do not become girl of network strong interest.

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