Chinese diving team afterwards of two fall week is red: New personality future returns practice needing one by one

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10 meters of stages mix Chinese diving team doubl爱上海同城对对碰

e combination connects a person of outstanding talent (right) , the training before Ren Qian has competition. Rich cropland of reporter of China News Service is photographed

Budapest of China News Service on July 15 report (reporter Wang Jing) 2017 international swim bright and beautiful contest produces couplet gene上海千花社区

ration 15 days 3 diving gold. Chinese team in man two-men 3 rice board are mixed 1 rice board does not have the woman on two projects predestined relationship gold. Zhou Jigong of the leader of a sports team expresses, pressure of inadequacy of new personality experience, psychology is greater, future returns practice needing one by one.

To face Tokyo Olympic Games, team of China of bright and beautiful contest takes current life the means of new old collocation, exert oneself exercises new talent.

In the match that day, chinese team 00 hind mix double combination Ren Qian / Lian Junjie takes the lead in taking a gold. Subsequently woman in 1 rice board final, article of Chen Yi of Chinese young general obtains the 4th. Australian player base the Buddhist nun carries off by right of stable play champion, russia and Italian player obtain runner-up and Ji Jun respectively.

Man two-men in 3 rice board, predestined relationship of Cao of Chinese new combination / thank the penult that think of Yi to jump error, bring about the Russia player phase that lists the 2nd with of short duration to compare, the advantage narrows. Last jump, russia team depends on killer mace 109C (forward tuck diveseethe all around hold genu in the arms partly) successful changeover gains the championship.

After Zhou Jigong is surpassed, express, this result already unexpected, also be in expect. If normal circumstance falls, cao Yuan and Xie Sai Yi penult jumps not to need how perfect, besides is their movement with two steadier play. But score impendent, again Russia team is good at the last movement, chinese group appeared below pressure problem. Our team member is younger, need more time to come training, future needs to enter more contest.

The mood after Cao Yuan and Xie Sai Yi are surpassed is low, but express to want straight face failure. Cao Yuan says: We two ages are about the same, training is done quite well, just attend contest of world bright and beautiful to did not develop actual strength for the first time, 爱上海同城爱上海龙凤419桑拿


devoid experience. Regard an Olympic Games as champion, the route before he thinks goes too smoothly, discover the problem also is meddlesome this.

The Xie Sai Yi that ever carried off Shan Shijin of noise made in coughing or vomiting surpasses 1 rice board champion also says frankly, all regrets will make experience eventually, this just just begins, first time is alive bright and beautiful contest jumps two-men project, prospective way is very long still.

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