Does Heibei hero bring newly-added district how why fire? What economy value does can have than Pudong new developed area?

Login register hero of Heibei of text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian to bring newly-added district how why fire? What economy value does can have than Pudong new developed area? Origin: ? ?2017-04-04 08:3 of cave fall forwardEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

On April 1, according to report of Xinhua News Agency, print and distribute of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council informs, the decision establishs Heibei hero to bring newly-added district. This is a when make for the Party Central Committee of core with Comrade Xi Jinping major historic strategy option, it is afterwards Shenzhen special economic zone and Shanghai Pudong new developed area later the another new developed area that has countrywide sense, it is chiliad a major programme of lasting importance, the affairs of state.

In the meantime, a message also begins to brush screen. Secretary of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, mayor Comrade Xu Qin holds the post of vice secretary of Heibei provincial Party committee. High-level intention not character is axiomatic, the special zone of the mechanism of the program that wants a Shenzhen namely, Shenzhen, Shenzhen manages experience, use hero to bring newly-added district.

According to the program, hero installs limits of new develop上海千花网龙凤论坛

ed area to involve Heibei to save male county, appearance city, how new 3 counties and circumjacent section section, be located in hinterland of Beijing, Tianjin, Baoding, area advantage apparent, traffic is convenient environment of unobstructed, zoology carrying capacity of environment of admirable, resources is stronger上海龙凤论坛sh1f

, existing development degree is inferior, development space is ample, have high level of high starting point to develop the postulate of construction. Hero installs new developed area to plan to start with location district start off before the others is developed, start area area makes an appointment with 100 square kilometer, metaphase develops area area to make an appointment with 200 square kilometer, area of long-dated control division makes an appointment with 2000 square kilometer.

Expert analysis, future a few not as big as administration relation, for instance cente上海千花社区

r of place of courtyard爱上海

of institution of higher learing, scientific research, large company, banking is waited a moment, even the blame core branch of partial ministries and commissions, become change possibly to install the potential target of new developed area toward hero. Should draw senior talented person and stay in hero to bring newly-added district, must do well its software construction and public service. Accordingly, do not give expect, consult the program that opens a state, the resource such as the high grade education of a large number of Beijing, wholesome, provide for the aged, will come to here from Beijing move.

Because one informs, this place fire of Heibei! Insanity of objective of not only investment is swarmed into, have price 2288 yuan villatic hotel rises in price to also be ordered; Return Jing to grab Fang Chao now, at present male county already entered the phase that can sell without the room. Connect the youths that north bleachs, also plan to resign a native place, search more to expand a scope!

Does the hero that should ask this can compares Pudong new developed area install new developed area after all to there is He Xuan opportunity? See understanding of this piece of graph first:

The hero that plans at present brings newly-added district, it is hinterland of Beijing ferry look forward to, all be apart from in Cheng of 1 hour of cars with Beijing, Tianjin, area the advantage is advantaged; Form sediment of Bai Yang of Hua Beizhi lung, also can ensure place to have a good zoology environment.

Especially, below the old structure that in Beijing ferry look forward to develops in coordination, hero installs the hero of new developed area to rise, will make north of area inland river had an a brand-new strong strong point, experiment windo上海贵族宝贝交流区

w that deepens reform in the round extremely, can carry on in future already thereby the blame capital function that Beijing scanty solution comes out, broken bureau big city is ill, also can advantage of sex of high group policy, draw market resource, help the comprehensive innovation development that uses Heibei flat then.

And look from countrywide eye shot, hero brings the long-dated program area of new developed area, comparative with Shenzhen, want than Pudong big. Also because of such, it did not come draw kinetic energy strength cannot small gaze.

Its develop train of thought, also resemble new developed area of Shenzhen special zone, Pudong same, will jump out already some cities develop way, do not open new way, filling neat Heibei city group medicinal powder, effect of polarization of weak, lack is short board while, promote Beijing ferry the faculty that contest of area of look forward to joins, the development pattern of solidify of this one area and method depend on prize.

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