Economic reference signs up for: Economy of Chinese passenger liner became fat other people became poor oneself

Economic reference signs up for: Economy of Chinese passenger liner became fat other people became poor oneself

Enter summer vacation time, dock of domestic each passenger liner greets travel busy season. Since this year March, company of each great passenger liner cancelled mostly from domestic mother harbor only then the toward Korea course before hair, did not restore up to now, but this does not have the favour of company of hindering international passenger liner to Chinese market. Nuo only the new vessel near future such as date of really happy date, flourishing age princess enters China in succession, make share of market of travel of great passenger liner further.

2006 up to now, passenger liner industry from do not have have, to development was 18 passenger liner, 42 thousand guest last year in China operation, passenger liner leaves the country tourist gross breaks through 2 million person first. No matter from number of economic system capacity, obtain employment, still drive length of catenary of fundamental construction, industry to look, this one burgeoning industry has the latent capacity that becomes economic new kinetic energy.

However, no matter be company of coastal city, dock, passenger liner, still be travel agent, right all the time however incessantly of complain of suffering of operation of lose money in business. On one hand, many home tourist is gone to by passenger liner abroad buy buy; On the other hand, enter a country amount of tourist of international passenger liner is very limited, cold contrast is striking inside out heat. The development bottleneck that economy of our country passenger liner is faced with defeats solution urgently.

Course of study of Chinese passenger liner is far did not see the ceiling

Course of study of domestic passenger liner in last few years develop be obvious to all flourishingly. Gudesiding ever expressed Adam of former chairman of association of international passenger liner, the development of passenger liner industry suffers the demand of North America area to drive at first, metaphase is European area development promote. And at present, market of whole passenger liner east move the feature is apparent, show a tremendous potential in Chinese market especially.

The fact is such really. Traffic of China of industry authority association carries the data of branch of houseboat of association passenger liner to show, 2016, haven of Chinese main passenger liner recieves number of passenger liner quantity, tourist to all come true to be climbed considerably litre, china leaves the country by passenger liner tourist gross breaks through 2 million person first, hopeful continues to climb this year litre to 2.6 million person. Our country already made country of passenger source of travel of the 8th great passenger liner and the market that have energy most.

The personage inside the course of study such as Huang Ruiling of president of division of big China of Asia-Pacific of north of You Lun of royal Caribbean international and Nan of Zi of Liu of Chinese division president, Mediterranean passenger liner thinks, dimensions of market of Chinese passenger liner even hopeful is in 3 overtake to 5 years the United States, get run the whole world.

No matter how global economy is fluctuant, year of increase rate of passenger liner industry maintain from beginning to end in 8% the left and right sides. Huang Ruiling says. Since 2009, the business that royal Caribbean is in China from 0 start, grow almost every year turn over times. Passenger liner was offerred for Chinese tourist leave the country conveniently You Fang type, can experience Euramerican culture and life with close quarters. Liu Zi Nan expresses, in view of the growth of market of Chinese passenger liner, the passenger liner overhaul that the company plans to will be finished in Singapore originally, boat transferred China 2017 for waiting for business.

Song poem amounts to passenger liner to enter China 10 years, recently growth of 3 years particularly apparent, average and annual the transport power that is in China increases 50% above. Song poem is amounted to rolled out in China in last few years from Shanghai only then the brigade that the You Hang of annulus of 86 days of passenger liner of hair goes, carried tourist of many 700 China.

In branch of houseboat of passenger liner of Chinese traffic carriage association boat of standing vice-chairman Zheng Wei looks, photograph of condition of hardware of harbor of mother of Chinese passenger liner wants tower above than day Han many, although construction of domestic mother harbor is pointed to to be put in superfluous suspicion, but reality looks to still be put in breach. By achieved 2030 10 million leave the country anticipate generally of passenger liner passenger, chinese market still needs at least 65 to control large passenger liner to 80, at present breach of total transport power is as high as 80% , market prospect as before capacious, high speed growth will still last.

Development of passenger liner estate becomes other to make marry clothes

Passenger liner travel is known as bleach afloat gold property, normally economy develops nation of meeting drawing place. The research of association of international passenger liner shows, development of estate of global passenger liner created station of nearly 1 million works. Passenger of global passenger liner is consumed mediumly on average in range everyday for 134.72 dollars, economy of passenger liner industry contributes total 119.9 billion dollar, this included dock of the travel on the bank, passenger liner, boat to wait for passenger liner industry to contribute 64.13 billion dollar secondhand for consumption.

In last few years, passenger liner economy is flowed to wait for an industry to express great expectations by the province that home owns passenger liner commercial and transportation center and meal, recreation, content, but actual condition is to pull a movement to use however very small. The related side of industrial catenary complains all the time fail from which gain, especially passenger liner dock is in not less operation of lose money in business. But the hope that cherishing pair of industries to develop future, participator of passenger liner economy still does not agree to go out bureau.

What form bright contrast to it is, industry of Chinese passenger liner grew the circumjacent country such as the Han that it is day to take welfare.

On July 21, 2016, 5 luxurious passenger liner carry tourist of nearly 17 thousand China same day arrives visit Japan, part the haven such as berth blessing ridge, Okinawa, Nagasaki. Your Japan place astonishs Chinese tourist dimensions and consumptive ability, government and tourism group gather are many tourist guide, car provides a service, welcome Chinese visitor. In Fu Gang, to receive two passenger liner the arrival of thousands of tourist, the government held greeting ceremony in haven, arranged show of Japanese traditional versified story sung to the accompaniment of a small drum and other instruments.

Look in day intermediary, japan has become one of passenger liner passenger’s most popular travel destination, come from China explode buy a tourist increasingly grow in quantity. Japan ground transportation saves data to show, the foreign guest that took passenger liner to visit Japan 2016 reachs 1.99 million more than person, relatively increase on one year 78.5% . This is occupied achieve historical record, the addition of Chinese passenger is this to make important contribution.

2016, the exit forehead of Japanese cosmetic grows 28.8% compared to the same period, amount to 267.6 billion yen. Forehead of this one exit broke up one time than 2013. Japanese cosmetic achieves favourable balance, chinese market meritorious service cannot be done not have. According to statistic of Japanese 上海千花网论坛

sightseeing hall, the chinese mainland of about 70% visits day of tourist to be able to buy cosmetic in Japan.

Occupy Korea media coverage additionally, the tourist amount that visited Korea by passenger liner 2016 is achieved 1.95 million, it is Chinese tourist mostly among them. 2016, passenger liner travel drives 2 trillion Han Yuan consumption to grow, pull movable value to make an appointment with 3.4 trillion Han yuan, economic benefits is total 5.4 trillion Han Yuan, in addition still created post of 24 thousand obtain employment, consumption of passenger average per capita is as high as 1.02 million Han Yuan.

Economy of passenger liner of handicap of a lot of problem

Although each district is right enthusiasm of economy of development passenger liner is very tall, but the play that a few real problems manacled his to pull a movement to use however.

Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, occupy haven to collect fees integratedly the management cost that cost of macrocephalic state regulation raised passenger liner company greatly. In the market of international passenger liner with intense competition, the competitive ability that affects business of our country haven badly also. Be in company of foreign capital passenger liner to look, chinese haven collects fees integratedly too tall, exceed the Asian country such as Singapore, Japan far; And the business of operation of passenger liner haven that is in China looks, of haven itself collect fees very low, still manage in lose money in business.

According to royal Caribbean Tong Jianfeng of vise general manager of operation of haven of area of You Lun China introduces, the rate of harbor of mother of domestic passenger liner basically includes governmental regulation cost and dock enterprise to collect fees two parts. Among them, governmental regulation cost includes cost of ton of duty, harbour dues, pilot tax, tug, quarantine cost to wait; Dock enterprise collects fees include character of groundage, guest to serve hall of cost, passenger transport to use fee, baggage cost. Below coequal circumstance, domestic berth collects fees integratedly compare American tower above about 3 to 5 times, than European tower above 2 to 3 times.

National regulation expends ton of medium duty to be occupied collect fees of amount 2/3 the left and right sides. Huang Ruiling expresses, ton duty is in a lot of country or not rate of collection, or is very low, china wants tower above abroad at least ten times. Luxurious passenger liner is large changing is big trend, but length differs possibly however not quite, did not take up accordingly more haven resource, reducing ton of tax should be a trend.

Although local government supports international passenger liner to purchase settle, but policy restriction is faced in carrying out. A luxurious passenger liner is just like maritime hotel of 5 stars class, small to napkin, toothpick, antependium, arrive greatly flesh of flocks and herds, furniture, fresh water, need many supply everyday. ” economic reference signs up for ” Caribbean of reporter Home Xiang Huang and song poem amount to company of passenger liner of these two international to beg card to learn, their purchase undertake in the whole world commonly, distributing center center is set in area. Although Chinese mother harbor is numerous and boat supply and demand is begged exuberant, but however from beginning to end neither one is distributing center center.

Liu Zi Nan says, royal Caribbean hopes to offer Asian ship distributing center center to move to come to China from Korea boiler hill all the time, but arrived to operate the level to be able to discover, defective concerned passenger liner falls in existing flow the operation that how box business阿拉爱上海同城

examines and approve. His citing, after Korea encounters MERS, royal Caribbean must will distributing center center from boiler hill temporarily migratory go to Japan, used do not do all procedure to 24 hours.

Course of study of domestic passenger liner does not resemble looking goodly in that way, put in a few potential crises to mix restrict, risk of market excess supply is among them one of.

Of market of passenger liner of these a few years of China add fast very breathtaking, become the target that company of global passenger liner favors. Gudesiding weighs Adam. The near future, the brand announces to enter Chinese market or again passenger liner of a batch of international promotes China transport power, among them many passenger liner are laying home or Asia’s biggest flag.

Fan Min of president of day sea passenger liner is afraid, although market of Chinese passenger liner is added fast reach foreground very value, but in short-term inside transport power puts in centrally, probable meeting causes the risk of excess supply. Come so, will naturally aggravate market competes, make a price war even, service and quality assure hard, expand contusion trade finally, influence consumer.

The tourist that should be small probability incident originally drops maritime reason happens for many times in recent years, had caused the attention of Chinese tourist. Happened last year together among them in August, when a woman takes return of passenger liner of marine jack-tar date, fall into water, place favour is saved by fisher place after many hours 40; Another happened last year in September, on the passenger liner of toward day Han sapphirine princess date before setting out from Shanghai, a female passenger of many years old 60 falls into water be missing, have not discover a trail up to now.

From the point of world tourism market, passenger liner travel already was in autumn, also bore the weight of naturally people is older the reliance of degree. Between the sell like hot cakes of product of passenger liner travel, safe problem is ignored very easily, passenger liner safety returns difficult character absolute safety.

And, passenger liner is abroad the good and bad are intermingled of quality of bank advanced position, there is no lack of the suspicion that individual and duty-free inn faces Chinese tourist technically only. The tourist ever was mirrorred, south of Japan of passenger liner berth after some haven, doubt is like the duty-free shop that before travel agent takes his, goes to be opened for the Chinese only. The sell member that holding fluent mandarin promotes knife of the accept beans with high price, ferment, pottery and porcelain to wait for characteristic product to its, and the curative effect that ever had emphasized these products repeatedly in the tourist guide on the road. The food such as the chocolate that sells inside this inn, biscuit, tower above of convenience inn of the 7-11 outside also comparing duty-free store is not little.

The industry is carried brace up need policy and industry send force in coordination

Be aimed at paradox of indistinctive of instantly industry great progress and action of economic point of growth, zheng brighting boat carries long-term survey, along with expert, practitioner people上海千花网交友

appeal together, answer to realize policy and industry to send force in coordination as soon as possible currently, those who dissolve progress of passenger liner economy is painful.

The first, construction of harbor of passenger liner mother implements unified program, prevent spring up all over the place. Many coastal cities expand passenger liner line of business eagerly, cause dock construction to pay attention to ground mark sex to build too, some passenger liner haven had changed body passenger liner is landed.

Whole nation of lack of the passenger liner port of departure, development that visits harbor, construction, area is harmonious. If not amlposition develops, after a few years new round of malign competition is sure to appear. Zheng Wei boat suggests, passenger liner dock does not need too luxurious, need to satisfy a passenger to await a ship only environment and close convenient change two conditions can, and existing dock construction often ignored this at 2 o’clock.

The 2nd, level of service of passenger liner port, close efficiency to remain to promote further. Of different port close formalities to have difference, the shipping that asks to issue to hanging the passenger liner place that relies on haven and tourist certificate and file requirement are endless and identical, this caused needless trouble to the passenger liner that enter a country and foreign nationality tourist not only, what also caused government of passenger liner port is non-standard.

For example, have report of company of international passenger liner, our country is active outside annulus couplet check formalities is too trival, concern efficiency not tall, all passengers are finished entirely need to be as long as sometimes aboard 3, 4 hours, and need the left and right sides 15 minutes only in the United States.

The 3rd, outspread passenger liner is economically downstream industrial catenary, let more company share an industry to develop bonus. Although pass collaboration of China and foreign countries, construction of first homebred and luxurious passenger liner has been started in Shanghai, but our country in passenger liner marine of this kind of high additional cost is designed, build a respect to remain the same blank. Of Chinese shipbuilding industry superfluous produce as can exuberant as demand of luxurious passenger liner between form tremendous contrast.

And, the goods and materials that domestic company supplies is purchased in whole world of course of Asia of company of international passenger liner and occupy in supply quantity than very small, on its 10 thousand kinds in purchasing goods, only in what China purchases 250 kinds are controlled. Because passenger liner economy swims up and down outspread and insufficient, the Chinese company in participating in its is limited, bring about overall dimensions to slant small, to economy pull a movement to use have not show truly.



The 4th, leave the coun上海千花网论坛

try and enter a country passenger liner travel develops evenly as far as possible. Leave the country passenger liner travel appears erupt type grows, and enter a country passenger liner presents fluctuation change. Passenger liner carries Chinese passenger a few a few destination such as Japan, Korea, make the consumption outside the condition innovates repeatedly tall. And enter a country gross of the amount of passenger of passenger liner international, consumption does not have very big promotion, the economic contribution of passenger liner travel to destination of our country travel is very finite, must change.

The 5th, abound passenger liner product, avoid an industry to produce fluctuation risk. Zheng Wei boat points out, our country is coastal only then Japan and Korea course product are headed for to occupy in delivering passenger liner line than 85% above, time is more 4 to course of 6 late short distance. Resource of destination of passenger liner travel is not worth badly, bring about when encountering the sudden incident such as the typhoon, haven allocates flexibility difference, added line risk and form a delegation risk

This year in March, company of passenger liner of domestic and international much home announces, from China only then the passenger liner of hair cancels to go to Korea haven berth. Because passenger liner product is single, room of optional choose destination is not big, brought about specific voyage or flight number to appear to restrict the rate of tourist return a ticket of 50% . Only industrial form a complete set catchs up with, passenger liner company abounds product type ceaselessly, just can shun similar venture appear.

The 6th, travel agent wraps boat pattern abuse to highlight, maintain benign market competition urgently. Mode of boat of passenger liner bag is Chinese special local product, begin be current from 2012, promoted the rapid development that Chinese passenger liner travels really. But increase as passenger liner transport power, market supply and demand balances occurrence change, bag boat ad上海贵族宝贝论坛

vances golden scale is reduced again and again, at present low already to 1%-10% , this also causes the price war of the market to begin ahead of schedule, the product of partial passenger liner of the high end in be in originally already rather he is low as good as of upright travel product.

Boat of passenger liner bag, medicinal powder sell attribute market action, answer to undertake ego adjustment by the market. But at present bag boat mode had destroyed atmosphere of passenger liner travel, reduced the character that passenger liner travels and level, passenger of partial passenger liner reflects an experience not beautiful, advanced position of passenger liner bank became passenger liner to shop swim, caused the effect of take a drastic measure to deal with a situation to the industry, need is in charge of a branch to maintain benign market competition.

The 7th, problem of passenger liner environmental protection should be caused enough take seriously, prevent maritime pollution to diffuse. The city that passenger liner regards maritime shift as, go vacationing destination, thousands of person produces goods and materials of voluminous the sources of energy to use up everyday to on 10 thousand people very reach litter, it is destination of haven, travel and deep-sea important pollution origin, already endured each country government and orgnaization take seriously. Zheng Wei boat reminds, our country also should establish threshold of passenger liner admittance, make passenger liner environmental protection and maritime and anti-fouling standard, prevent passenger liner to become the new pollution source of maritime pollution.

Origin: Economic reference signs up for a reporter: Mao Zhenhua

Responsibility edits: Zhu Huie

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