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Wool celery fries cutlet the method of this kind of alimental that make is simpler, want to had picked wool celery only, next souse wants lean lean, fry wool celery again ripe later join lean lean to break up fry to ripe OK edible. Be in at ordinary times, eating celery of a few wool to fry the flesh is protein to complement and the vitamin is very helpful, and wool celery is OK oil absorption, avoid food too fat influence arrives1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Mouthfeel, hope everybody can know its way.

Wool celery fries practice encyclopedia of the flesh

Wool celery calls wild celery again, it and water celery are exceedingly similar, the biggest distinction is wool celery there is some of short-haired pelt hair on the body, leaf extreme is more pointed, water content is high. This breed is farmhouse small celery, wide to temperature accommodation, grow fast, celery flavour is thick, in 15-20 ℃ comfortable lukewarm below, can help advance somebody’s career more, protection is good but annual production.

Wool celery fries practice encyclopedia of the flesh

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How to see wool celery fry the flesh to do next delicious?

Prepare data: Wool celery, pork, oily gluten, chili, oily, soy, sesame-seed oil, salt, ginger, garlic.


1, wool celery goes a beard, leave leaf of celery of a few wool, abluent hind, cut paragraph, the scald in the boiled water that straightens wool celery, scoop drop to do water, (The leaf that notices wool celery does not need scald water) reserve.

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Cut cutlet completely (perhaps cut pork section go, like) according to each one. Add soy and sesame-seed oil, a few salt mix are even, souse 15 minutes.

3, oily gluten goes down with boiled water bubble oily portion. Scoop half-and-half to cut, chili and ginger cut silk respectively, the head of garlic is patted broken.

Wool celery fries practice encyclopedia of the flesh

4, preparation fries pan, oil is put after hot pot, explode after oily heat sweet garlic is broken, jiang Si and chili silk. Pour the cutlet that has bloated afterShanghaiForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Break up quickly into boiler fry, rejoin oily gluten is fried again.

5, enter wool celery paragraph, conflagration is mixed with the cutlet in boiler quickly oily gluten breaks up fry. Put at this moment salt and a few soy. Fry Mao Qin after dish is ripe, the boiler since flameout can.

Wool celery has a characteristic, water portion is much, oil absorption, add oily gluten so, the meeting is more delicious, choose the chili on collocation, can let this dish look red green golden alternate with, lubricious fragrance completely, mouthfeel is richer. Very fast a simple and goluptious wool celery fries the flesh to had been done, can see it feed material to prepare easily, the operation is simple, suit to just began to learn to do the abecedarian of dish.

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