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Pregnant woman also needs various nutrition when be pregnant, there also is special pregnant woman powdered milk in the nutrition of pregnancy to pregnant woman so, classier pregnant woman powdered milk is imported from Australia, because Australian milk powder is international is famouser all the time, a few pregnant woman can be in pregnancy when drink a few milk, because the quantity containing calcium of milk also is taller, so pregnant woman milk powder and milk which thanA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Pregnant woman milk powder and milk which good

All sorts of nutriment that pregnant woman milk powder covered gestation place to need almost, like C of K of E of D of A of protein, adipose, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin B a group of things with common features, folic acid, choline and bovine sulphur acid, DHA is mixed EPA, cellulose, calcic, iodic, iron, zinc. And at present the milk that go up basically divides the market to be mixed for pure milk flavor milk two kinds, pure milk cent is especially pure delicacy, thick, tall calcium, Gao Xin to wait a variety of, look be like breed a lot of, still basically be an enterprise to improve mouthfeel and taste, and addition thickener, essence, vitamin and mineral wait for composition.

In pure milk 88% it is moisture, those who remain is protein, adipose, lactose, vitamin and mineral. Flavor milk is milk inNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Add the burden such as candy, essence, malt, cocoa, chocolate. Pure milk and flavor the difference of milk basically is on protein content, the protein of pure milk not under 2.8% , flavor the protein of milk not under 2.5% . When the choice, everybody wants particularly main flavor the difference of milk and lacteal drink. Flavor milk is add burden inside milk, and lacteal drink is burden and milk are added in water.

Pregnant woman milk powder and milk which good

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The amount containing a grandma of lacteal drink is very small, discriminative milk drink and flavor milk basically reads protein content. The protein content of lacteal drink not under 1% , flavor milk protein content not under 2.5% , watch of lacteal drink burden is water the first, andShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Flavor milk burden watch is milk the first. The boy or girl friend that from the comparison of composition we can know to milk and pregnant woman milk powder are aimed at is different. Milk suits everybody to drink, and pregnant woman milk powder is special of in the light of pregnant woman special production. Pregnant woman milk powder compares milk more nutrition saw the analysis above, since the difference is so big,a lot of people say, choose pregnant woman milk powder for certain! Actually otherwise.

The issue that the problem of pregnant woman milk powder follows the compound vitamin that analyses before us is same, if pay attention to food very much at ordinary times balanced, from inside food already can enough all sorts of elements that absorb place of the body between bosom pregnancy to need, do not need milk powder of additional and compensatory pregnant woman or compound vitamin. Create the problem of nutriment excessive easily otherwise, mix to pregnant mom fetal and adverse. Milk powder of pregnant woman of reaction of mom of a lot of pregnant is drunk much meeting get fat. Here, need is particularly clear, the quantity of heat of itself of pregnant woman milk powder is not high, mom of a lot of pregnant can feel to drink pregnant woman powdered milk at a draught fat, the appetite after basically depending on pregnant metaphase is big, volume of dietary itself high fever is high adipose cent of high in syrup.

Pregnant woman milk powder and milk which good

And the main effect of milk is compensatory calcium. During be pregnant, the calcium that needs everyday rises from the 800 milligram with inchoate pregnant to the 1500 milligram with terminal pregnant. So much calcium is absorbed best squareForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Type is milk products. So milk is best filling calcium agent. If pregnant momForum of Shanghai night net

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Be afraid of a trouble, that chooses pregnant woman milk powder. If be filling calcium only, hope taste is a few richer at the same time, proposal everyday morning and evening a cup of yoghurt is again a cup of milk, much afternoon eat a few vegetable fruits. Itself of some pregnant mom has drunk milk to eat compound vitamin again already, that must notice not to drink pregnant woman powdered milk again. Milk powder of some pregnant woman says in conduct propaganda, pregnant is terminal the gold period that is darling cerebra development, in pregnant woman milk powder special added DHA, conduce darling cerebrum development

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