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A lot of people love to eat pure black chocolate very much, and this kind of chocolate is to be able to be used do a lot ofShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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cate, say to eating special rich and colorful is above the law so, can choose what like most to have a way according to his mouthfeel, major people can regard raw material as to do very goluptious cake to enjoy pure black chocolate, such word can make become above the mouthfeel of pure black chocolate more good.

 How does pure black chocolate eat

Production process special heavy and complicated. CocoaSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Fabaceous need course chooses, stoving, abrade, heat, model of agitate, maturation, cooling, fill, ability forms the chocolate of a perfect Hei Liang. About 1 kilogram cocoa beans can abstract a chocolate cream that is less than 500 fair grams only, and the process that make needs to experience a few 20 measure at least, of a few high grade chocolate make, light is agitate butA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Can the oar is OK

Spend on 120 hours, it is time-consuming that whole process can say give or take a lot of trouble. In the meantime, the whole process that make must be in control lukewarm system cheek by jowl (contain namely of air conditioning equipment indoor) undertake, do not take care a little, whole boiler chocolate is done was bungled.

Choose the chocolate bar that average supermarket can buy, the complex process that need not be temperature adjustment, refrigeration is nerve-racking. DIY chocolate, amused place is you can according to be fond of, add mixture material. Chose almond sauce of broken, nutlet (Praline Paste) and strawberry, should set an example the Rocher that make and how to let strawberry put on business suit.

When deliquescent chocolate, must iron heat with water, can not boil heat directly. When handling chocolate, want very1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Careful, chocolate cannot touch water completely.

 How does pure black chocolate eat

After chocolate and nutlet sauce mix oar shape, join almond nutlet.

Mix with broach an one part, put in rub of the centre of the palm glomerate. Put the chocolate with glomerate rub into freezer, caky hind reassume goes out, after touching oar of Hei Qiaoke force, put freezer, condensed to be become namely.

Deft friend, still can use a fruit to make chocolate new model. Chosen fruit is outer must not touch moisture completelyShanghai noble baby

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The model that creates strawberry business suit is very simple. Let strawberry touch oar of a Bai Qiaoke force, put after freezer is caky, touch oar of Hei Qiaoke force again, after putting freezer to wait for chocolate to condense, the reel that overcomes force oar with Cheng Youqiao is become namely in the treatment on strawberry.

 How does pure black chocolate eat

The basic recipe of chocolate stuffing heart: Chocolate 500 grams make 1000 grams weak cream: Will weak butter is boiled, from fire, will mincing chocolate falls into weak butter, chocolate can melt very quickly, again its mix is even, refrigeration hind puts the cold storage in freezer, wait for after its are caky, take out become namely. Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Become rub of chocolate stuffing heart spherule, after one is being hanged to melt again outside, already cooled the pure chocolate of proper temperature, made chocolate candy.

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