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It is a kind of common fruit, orange belongs to cool sex, suit to heat up sexual constitutionLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Person edible, can remove clear heat to fall igneous action. The person appropriate that often feels inappetence, indigestion, easy suffer from excessive internal heat eats orange. But the overmuch easy also suffer from excessive internal heat that orange takes, can accentuate the damp of taste. General everyday edible an orange is good, excessive edible causes the cold inside body easily overweight, cause intestines and stomach unwell.

 Orange cold sex still heats up a gender

Orange is hot sex or cool sex

Orange is cool sex. Basis ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account, orange sex flavour slants cool, flavour pleasant, acerbity, avirulent, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Put in lobar classics ‘s charge. Juice is abundant, flavour acid is sweet goluptious, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, appetizing next gas, see the effect such as wine, suit a constitution hot and dry person edible.

Orange get angry still leaves anger

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Fruit, generally speaking, the fruit of cold cool sex is had fall certainly igneous Qing Dynasty heats up effect, and material of some moisture and nutrition is contained in orange abound quite, have a variety of effect effect, suit often the crowd edible that suffer from excessive internal heat, cough has phlegmy, constipation, dyspeptic, inappetence. Because many carbohydrate is contained in orange,take easy suffer from excessive internal heat more, unfavorable and overmuch edible, the sex of grow be bored with that absorbs overmuch candy to divide easy aggravating taste, cause taste damp accentuation, bring about get angry of taste damp and hot thereby.

 Orange cold sex still heats up a gender

Eat how many orange to suit

Suggest one day can. Although orange sex flavour is cold cool, edible can rise to fall the effect that fire goes to heating up, but had better not one-time edible is overmuch, prevent the cold inside body one case overweight, cause intestines and stomach unwell, it is good to because this suggests,eat everyday.

Chill cold is unfavorable eat cold orange

Because chill cold is catch a cold catch a cold suffers cold be caused by, so diet is become with tepid give priority to, orange taking heat is possible still, during the cold1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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, respiratory tract and human performance can reduce a function, many carotene and vitamin are in cold when eating can be not absorbed very well by the body, moreover orange skin just is had truly relieve a cough expectorant effect. If heat orange, composition also meets the nutrition of that orange skin to be by adsorption in pulp, the effect that treats cold cough so will be better.

 Orange cold sex still heats up a gender

Take the note of orange

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Orange suggests to not be in commonly anteprandial or hollow edible, lest the organic acid of orange can stimulate gastric mucous membrane, adverse to the stomach. When taking medicine, also suggest to eat orange again after half hour. Also suggest the patient prevents catch a cold additionally, water more, delicate food, proper physical training, enhance a constitution.

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